Why is Food Art Trending?

Long before media social media was a thing, people showed appreciation for good food by making their favorite dishes. They knew which restaurants had the most creative food presentation skills, and they could always go there whenever they wanted to enjoy the tantalizing effect of food in all its colorful display.

When social media dawned on us, we were happy to check into restaurants or share “Making grand-baby’s fave dessert. It’s her first day in school” posts with friends, who aww-ed and wished they could join us. Then one person posted a photo of a meal they were about to eat, and then another person did the same, and another, and another, and it soon became a trend.


It’s now 2018, and food art is such a big part of the social scene that there are entire online communities dedicated to it. Countless food-related groups exist within Facebook, and the foodies on Instagram have more than enough food photo pages to click through all day long.


Chefs are outdoing themselves in coming up with plating trends or reviving old presentations and giving them a modern touch as they strive to stay ahead of the game. So, why is food art trending and how long is this expected to last?


We’re not sure how long this will go on, but you can be sure it will be with us a while. Today, people are sharing food photos more than ever before. The creative way in which the food is shaped, combined and presented has become a form of entertainment for many, who will browse and share photos of food to relish the beauty.


For others, food art inspires meal preparation. Where folks of old turned to recipe books for cooking inspiration, we have food art to turn to today. Food bloggers and chefs who understand this constantly put out updated recipes for their followers to try out.


A group of food art lovers has embraced this trend for what some may not notice: That food and how it is presented is art. This group will be keen to come up with landscapes and scenes on a plate. And if they’re not the ones creating it, they’ll be the first to find such food art and share widely.


It’s undeniable that people are more conscious of what goes into their plates today than they were two decades ago. They want to know where it’s grown, how it’s grown, and in the case of animal products, how the animals are handled and taken care of. It would appear that the eternal debate on which is superior between animal-based food and plant-based food only serves to raise interest in food art. As folks talk and debate about food, there are those who show why their side wins by showing off their favorite foods chopped up and arranged in fun, if unusual, ways.


Sometimes, the trend is perpetuated by people’s desire to document a food diary, broadcast their cooking skills, or mark a special occasion. Often, it is as simple as the food is a central part of their social interactions. Then there is the business aspect of it, where food art is a key component of restaurant and brand reviews and promotions.


What inspires you about food art?