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Makeup areas of any department store are always hectic, and lately, the makeup department has been requesting that we invest in more waxing strips in order to speed things along so that no one is waiting around to have anything they put on removed. I don’t know any woman alive that looks forward to waxing sessions and many women are always looking for the next best thing coming along in cosmetics that can remove hair with as little pain as possible. I know that hair removal wax strips for home use are sometimes just as good as the ones you can get at a spa and if they are good enough, then I am all for using them instead of spending even more money in a salon.

Waxing takes up a lot of time, is painful, and it just seems like a weekly to a bi-weekly chore that women have to contend with for decades. I hate making appointments to go to a parlor as I really think it is a waste of energy and time and I am glad to know that there are some alternatives out there. I am more for taking the DIY approach and invest in waxing strips that you can purchase over the counter and online. I know that for a lot of women, doing it on their own is not even a consideration, and for these women, I say that I used to believe the same thing and was in the same boat.

I had to be thoroughly convinced about the benefits to buying waxing strips and I know that if I can get my friends to see the difference, they too will be more likely to take the plunge and start using wax strips in the convenience of their home too. The following are waxing strips that I know most women would be happy to have and use it at home.

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Parissa Wax Strips


This is a product that is so simple and quick to use to remove unwanted hair from your face and bikini line. Simply press it on, then zip away any unwanted hair around your jaw, upper lip, cheeks, and bikini line area. It gets skin so silky smooth that you won’t have to use it for approximately 6 weeks. The kit also comes with a small bottle of Azulene oil as a form of aftercare that smoothes the skin and prevents ingrown hairs from forming. I know that for me, the best results occur when I don’t wash my skin and instead place the double strips between my hands and then warm. Then you can separate the strips into two and then place the sticky side down on to the hair. Press firmly and then strip off quickly in the opposite direction that hair grows. Apply the oil, remove excess wax, and then you are left with smooth skin.

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FantaSea Wax Strips


As wax strips that absorb well and are textured to perfection, the FantaSea wax strips are noted for their good structure and come in two sets – both small as well as large – and then another set for the face and the body. Users note that these only work well when the wax is at its hottest and the packaging leaves much to be desired. Other than that, these are economically sound and lint-free, so invest in them and say goodbye to compromised bikini areas.

Nad’s Facial Wax Strips

Nad’s Facial

These strips are double-sided and are ready immediately to take care of your unwanted hairs. These wax strips remove even the tiniest of hairs on your body and are extremely flexible, enabling them to be able to contour to your individual face. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, Nad’s wax strips cannot remove large patches like some wax strips are able to, so you might have to do a small patch test initially to ensure that your skin is not compromised.

Veet Wax Strips


For those that are looking to remove hair easily and quickly, then the Veet wax strips are the answer as they have the ability to remove even small, tiny hairs around the body. Containing almond oil and shea butter, these wax strips moisturize the body as you are waxing. Users note that these strips could leave a sticky residue and don’t last as long, but they still come favorably reviewed and are worth the investment.

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