Balance it Out

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Getting the right foods throughout the day can be a difficult thing to come by, and when you are working on sets, it can be even more difficult to get all the daily vitamins and nutrients one needs in order to maintain their level of fitness. It is shocking that some people are not even aware of what a full and balanced diet entails and it is my job to ensure that everyone appearing on set is able to get through their day with enough energy. Food is one of the easiest ways to ensure that people are feeling strong and full of vigor.

A blended drink in the morning is a nice and smooth option that I always suggest to people that need to have breakfast but don’t have the time to sit down. Instead, I use a blender to make drinks that give you the same amount of proteins as a proper meal but is drinkable. People that follow diets that are well-balanced are better able to tackle the day and the following are some of the ways in which eating properly can aid your body and mind.

Growth & Development

Kids eating vegetables

Kids that eat properly are able to learn more efficiently and it also prevents obesity according to many studies that have been conducted over the years. A truly balanced diet should include whole grains, five servings of vegetables and fruits a day, lean proteins like eggs and nuts and lean meats, fiber through whole grains, and enough protein and calcium.

Weight Control

By eating proper, we are able to regulate our metabolism and keep our weight at or around the same. Of course, as we age, we need calories that depend on our weight goals and our activity level. There are some foods that are able to make us feel more satiated and I always advise people on the set to drink plenty of liquids and fruit juices to get them through the day feeling as fit as possible.

Improved Energy

We need calories as they are the fuel that gets us through the day, but there are good ways to get calories and we need to have the right ones in order to feed the body’s cells for muscle and organ tissue. Plus, the better I eat, the more motivated I feel and I am able to think clearer and get more done.

Eating for Health

The better you eat, the least likely you are to fall prey to illnesses and diseases. That includes a diet that is rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, selenium, fiber, and other essential fatty acids that protect against other chronic diseases.

Decreasing Depression

girl eating banana

If you love to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and premium meats, then you are also more likely to be happier and suffer from less anxiety. That means I try to keep my diet consisting of less processed foods and refined flours, and bad meats kept to a minimum.